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Car Gypsophila USB Atmosphere Light

Car Gypsophila USB Atmosphere Light

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Create an enchanting night sky in your car with our Car USB Star Sky Ceiling Light! This stylish novelty item turns your car into a calming, dreamy atmosphere and offers a unique drive experience. The vibrant, twinkling stars are sure to put a smile on your face and keep the journey entertaining. Enjoy the journey!

EASY TO USE- Enter another galaxy with the Car USB Star Sky Ceiling Light Car Atmosphere! This cosmic accessory is out-of-this-world easy to install: just plug it in and watch the night sky come alive! Light up your car with a universe of stars - your inner astronaut will thank you.

SMALL AND UNOBTRUSIVE- This small but powerful light is out of the way, creating a cool starry atmosphere perfect for road trips! Dare to take a nighttime journey and enjoy the starry sky ambience!

SET THE MOOD AND VIBE-Unlock the star-studded night sky and customize your car's atmosphere with the Car USB Star Sky Ceiling Light! Set the mood with a sophisticated twinkle, and customize the vibe with soft lights and calming colors. Take your car's interior to the stars and beyond!

Product information:
Type LED roof light
Light source power 3 (W)
Light source type USB
Color red light, blue light
Applicable models: General
Matching relationship
Automatic rotating starry sky light
With switch + voice control + breathing + flashing + long light
Small and exquisite, easy to carry
Power: 100MW
Working voltage: 5V
Product material: aluminum alloy
Installation method: USB socket

Car Atmosphere Light x1


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